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Welcome to Zoqdi Racing

Malta's primary vehicle performance and tuning centre including custom machining and modifications.

At Zoqdi Racing we provide a number of specialised and standard vehicle services to increase your car performance. Whether it is to give your car or motorbike the extra boost on the road or modify your with race winning performance we can offer you:

Featured Products

Custom Made Intake Plenums

We are now offering custom made air intake plenums which will give you increased horsepower. Click here for more details.

Custom Made Injector Weldable Bases

Custom Made Injector Weldable Bases. Click here for more details.

Turbo Charger Kits

Improve your car's overall performance with a complete Turbo kit. Various models available as well as advanced engine tuning. Click here for more details.

Ford Cosworth Long Stud Kit

Our high-tensile, long studs are the best available on the market. Proven on high brake horesepower engines running a high boost. Click here for more details.

Featured Services

Rolling Road Services

We provide rolling road services using the latest data acquisition technology. Providing from power runs to full engine system mapping up to 1000 BHP. Click here to find out more information. .

Vehicle Service and Maintenance

We also provide racing and standard vehicle regular maintenance and mechanic services.